The magazine “The Spanish Magisterium” in its edition of Wednesday, April 25, 2018 / No. 12.168, publishes a couple of reports on adoption, school and TEAF (fetal alcohol disorder) on the occasion of the VI Conference on Educational Innovation – Adoption : A pending subject in the school, that was celebrated in the school Areteia the 10 of March. The days were a success, there was great participation, presented by the Director General of the Institute for Children and the Family, and dealt specifically with two disorders: the TEAF Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and the Attachment Disorder. The TEAF was presented and detailed by Dr. Óscar García Algar, head of the neonatology service and coordinator of the GRIE, a research group on childhood and environment, at the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona. He gave a very good presentation, explaining in detail the medical part, the ongoing research, and how the disorder affects the cognitive and learning side, with very practical and didactic examples, as well as behavior and evolution. There was also a round table where affected parents, mothers and young people participated. As a TEAF family, the president of Visual TEAF participated, a platform for solidarity projects and also a partner of SAFGroup, an association of families with children with TEAF. To talk about adoption in the classroom, we have the brilliant and always inspiring talk of Don Luis García, director of the Areteia school in Madrid, who with a very detailed basic study with information about the diversity of the school’s students, made a presentation on how to treat and work diversity in the classrooms, with a clear objective of full inclusion and mutual enrichment. The publication of “The Spanish Magisterium” is very enjoyable and complete, and extends in several aspects, so it is worth making two entries in the blog. Below you can find the link to the interview conducted by the journalist Estrella Martínez, whom we thank for allowing.

Adoption in the classrooms

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