Nine Nine World SAF Day

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Nine Nine World SAF Day

09/09/2018 at Visual Teaf

Since 1999, symbolizing 9 months of pregnancy, World Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Day is celebrated every 9th September.
On the nine of the nine we will join families, friends, professionals, associations, and all those who want to accompany us, for the first time in Madrid, to make a fun-festive and awareness-raising day.

We want society to be aware of the risks of consuming alcohol during pregnancy.

El Síndrome Día mundial del SAF
We want to make known the serious consequences that follow.

The level of alcohol in the fetus is the same as the level of alcohol in the pregnant mother, so there is no safe amount of consumption.


Any minimal amount of alcohol can cause a TEAF, which in the most serious cases can develop a SAF.

We want to draw attention to the importance of meeting the needs of children, adolescents and young people suffering from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (SAF), to improve their quality of life and that of their families.

The Fetal Alcohol Syndrome has become the European Union in the second cause of mental retardation after Down syndrome, being one hundred percent avoidable.

There is no cure for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, the alterations that alcohol causes in the development of the central nervous system are permanent lesions.

It is a chronic disease, and these alterations are translated into adult life in secondary disabilities: school failure, mental health problems, legal problems, institutionalization, inappropriate sexual behavior, substance abuse, situations of disability and dependence and lack of employment.


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