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  1. FASD diagnostic App
    Raised: 0€
    Goal: 30.000€
    The objective is to create a diagnostic App that facilitates medical professionals and psychologists to perform the screening of physical signs characteristic of the FASD. The App also functions as an expert information system and includes graphical and visual reference data of all assessment parameters.
  2. Nine 9th SAF World Day
    Raised: 0€
    Goal: 9.500€
    Since 1999, symbolizing the 9 months of pregnancy, every 9 September, the World Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Day is celebrated. On the nine of the nine we will join families, friends, professionals, associations, and all those who want to accompany us, for the first time in Madrid, to make a fun-festive and awareness-raising day.
  3. Perseidas Foundation
    Raised: 0€
    Goal: 36.000€
    To guarantee the future of our children, preserve the achievements and assets that are achieved, the VISUAL TEAF association has as its ultimate goal, to become a foundation that works to facilitate the lives of boys and girls with cognitive diversity, whatever the cause of existing or future.

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